Sources of further information about shared decision making

Journal Articles, Reports and Books:

Elwyn G, Laitner S, Coulter A, Walker E, Watson P, Thomson R.
Implementing shared decision making in the NHS. BMJ 2010;341:c5146

Coulter A Do patients want a choice and does it work? BMJ 2010;341:c4989

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Al Mulley King's Fund Report. Patients' preferences matter: Stop the silent misdiagnosis

King's Fund report on Delivering better services for people with long-term conditions: Building the house of care

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Health Foundation review on interventions to support self-management

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Local resources:

North east Community of Interest in SDM: and to join the community of interest please contact

Access to "Just ask" video -

Health Foundation video of experience of implementation of SDM in the North East:

NUTH web pages on SDM -

Decision Making and Organisation of Care Research Programme, Newcastle University -

Web sites and films:

Shared decision making & decision aids

MAGIC programme (SDM Implementation Programme funded by the Health Foundation) -

NHS Right Care Decision Aids

Brief Decision Aids (from MAGIC) - links to above decision aids and some others via

Option Grids

The International Patient Decision Aid Standards (IPDAS) and latest published updates

The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (OHRI), including an inventory of PDAs

Center for Shared Decision Making (CSDM) in Dartmouth, USA - a leading international exemplar

Mayo Clinic Knowledge Evaluation Research Unit:

The Informed Medical Decisions Foundation: a leading US Organisation for SDM and PDAs

University of Sydney Decision Aids -

AQuA resource site for SDM - a range of resources including videos and on line training:

Inventory of SDM education programmes -

Risk communication (a superb site run by Prof David Spiegelhalter)

Database of SDM Measures

Brilliant evidence-based medicine and SDM YouTube clips from Dr James McCormack

Support for self-management & patient involvement

NESTA People Powered Health website & resources

Health Foundation patient-centred care resource centre

Co-Creating Health (chronic disease and supported self-management programme funded by Health Foundation)

Year of Care (personalised care planning for people with long term conditions):

National Voices - Principles of Care and Support Planning