About Us


Busola Afolabi

As a member of Moving Forward and with prior experience of video editing, Busola found herself being strongly persuaded to volunteer for their previous video project, which led her into the arms of shared decision making. However, she hasn't regretted joining, and would like to thank all involved in allowing her to take part in such exciting opportunity. She has taken charge of keeping a record of all the meetings and how the project has developed from the start. Together with the rest of the production team she has gained experience and knowledge about an issue that needs to be discussed more in public.


Craig Craggs

With a Bsc in Biochemistry and a Masters in Project Management, Craig is a strong believer in education and self-learning. He is a seasoned professional in film making. While at University he created a film about his experience of depression as a student, in a bid to open up active conversations about mental health issues. Then with Moving Forward he created another film on the history of Newcastle's Castle Keep. Craig has really enjoyed working on this project. It has helped boost self-assurance in his abilities. He hopes in the future to continue working with people with mental health issues, as it's a cause he thinks it worth fighting for.


Chris Lee

As someone who has suffered from depression for a long period of time, I was pleased to be invited to join this project. I feel I have learned a lot about shared decision making and depression from taking part.


Rosie Williamson

Rosie is a Newcastle lass through and through; and even though when she was younger she was refused entry to study, it has by no means stopped her. Having completed beginner, intermediate and advanced acting courses at Newcastle College. Next year she will be embarking on an accredited acting on film course. This was her first film debut and she would like to continue in this line of work. The shared decision making project has given Rosie a new lease of life and we have seen a marked difference in her confidence.


Isabella Keilty

I am a service user of Moving Forward Newcastle. As a service user I understand how important it is to have choices and information to help you move at a pace and to make decisions that are best for you!! After all we are all individuals. I previously made a film about my recovery from depression in the hope it will help others. I also contributed to the Moving Forward Service Newcastle film so that potential new members can see what help is available. All this has been done with great friends found along the way supporting each other, and loads of cake made by Busola and sandwiches provided by Darren and Dan 'the man with a plan' I am a mother, grandmother and I love animals. I have two dogs Jessie and Wendal. I would like to thank Darren for this opportunity to contribute to the development of this film as I am passionate about helping others to discover the choices available to help them on their journey towards recovery.


Darren Flynn

I am employed as a Senior Research Associate in the Decision Making and Organisation of Care (DMOC) group based at Newcastle University. I have experience of supporting people with mental health problems, including as a carer for members of my family with depression. The active involvement of people with mental health problems in decision making about the available options for their treatment and care in partnership with mental health practitioners is a core aspect of the recovery process. It is my hope that this film will serve to increase awareness of the existence and guiding principles of shared decision making, including the potential benefits for mental health practitioners, adults who access and use primary care mental health services and their families. As a practitioner (health) psychologist my primary role in the development of the film was as technical consultant on shared decision making to the production team, including providing support with facilitating meetings and access to resources.


Daniel Nesbitt

Now known as 'Dan the Man with the Plan'. He came in half way through the project but has been truly invaluable with organising a big group of people. He is a PhD student in computer science at Newcastle University and also a lecturer. As a service user himself he understands the struggles that people suffering from mental health problems face. Daniel sees Shared Decision Making as an important topic that more people should be talking about. The process of shared decision making can help improve everyone's relationship with their doctor and help them to make the right choices to suit their lifestyle. This being his second film he has really enjoyed spending the time with a new group of people, who share the same passions for mental health issues.


Aoife De Brún

I am a Research Associate at Newcastle University and a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society and was very interested and eager to become involved with this project. Although many of us have people in our lives that have been affected by depression and other mental health problems, unfortunately discussing such issues openly is still taboo. I hope that this project will encourage people to seek help, increase awareness of the range of treatment options available, and will communicate the necessity and value of shared decision-making around treatment and care for depression. I have assisted and supported the team in the production of the film.


Derek Macciocchi

I have worked in mental health service for over 10 years and my current role as Team Leader at Moving Forward Newcastle is to support the manager in organising and delivering a service and ensuring this works within the M.F service model as set by Mental Health Concern. Over the months I have witnessed the group grow and bond very effectively to create the film, which we hope will have a positive impact on individuals who may be affected by depression and having to make important decisions about their future. The film will increase awareness of how shared decision making may assist your treatment options which hopefully will benefit all concerned in potentially a very stressful process.

Steve and Kev

Stephen Bradwel and Kevin Dick

Technical expertise on production, filming, sound and editing of the film, including the provision of valued guidance and support to help us all to feel comfortable in front of the camera!


Siân Pointon

As a Project Secretary for the Decision Making and Organisation of Care (DMOC) group based at Newcastle University, Siân supports the group with administrative tasks, including dissemination of the film so it can be seen by as wide an audience as possible. She has learned a lot about Shared Decision Making through her involvement with the project.